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hands spy app Monitoring is the next generation of smartphone observation software. This mobile tracker application records the incoming and outgoing phone callssms and surroundings. It tracks gps locations, the browser activity and messages from applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, Skype and Line

One of the ways to find out is simply being sensitive on how to track your boyfriend or girlfriends phone, Nothing discomforts a lady like intense pain and suspense that comes from the shady behaviour of her boyfriend whom she is suspecting to be a cheat.

Most times , we tend to see big red flag in our relationships.  But your husband or wife might be smart enough to make you doubt what you see or what your gut feeling is telling you.

I’m writing this article with so much love and light. I want to put an end to gaslighting , narcissism and misogyny.

Carefully absorb the information on this article so you can learn effective and simple processes on how to catch a cheating boyfriend, girlfriend, wife and husband with the help of our Spy app (Hands Spy App).

Often times you notice that your love ones sweet habits towards you have drastically gone down . Sex life isn’t exciting as usual, you know what that means . Probably he is getting it from somewhere else. 

He barely gives you all the attention you sole richly deserve . Leaving you with enormous worries and pain .

Stay calm smartypants and just be grateful for this post . Because I am about to show you a strategy that would reveal your boyfriend dark secrets.

How to track my love ones by phone number. ( boyfriend girlfriend tracker )

As you navigate through this article, get ready to absorb these information :

• How to force the truth out of a cheating boyfriend.

• If he does these , just know that he is cheating.

• How would you react if you catch your cheating boyfriend

• Can you forgive a cheating boyfriend ?

• The one app that would help you catch your cheating boyfriend.

If He Does These, Just Know That He Is Cheating.

How come your lovey dovey is acting all strange ?

Don’t you think that something is wrong someone?

Probably you have tried to access yourself to know if the sudden change of your boyfriend is from you.

Oh shoot ! he used to be as sweet as pie.  But now he is as mean as maggots.

You have studied him hard . And yet you couldn’t lay your hands on anything.

You probably don’t have any idea on how to track your boyfriend phone .

You are going to be desperate because of the frustrating situation .

Even if you don’t know how to track your boyfriend by phone number.  I will show you other tricks you can use and find out that you boyfriend is seeing another woman.

Look it into these first :

1• Pay attention to your boyfriend body language.

Generally in life , once people start to  stab you at the back your presence makes them feel distressed and uncomfortable.

And trust me that resonates with your boyfriend too. Your boyfriend will not be that comfortable being around you. Most of the time  he can’t even look you in the face when talking to you, especially if he used to before.

But now he looks another direction or at the floor when talking to you.

2• If he barely touches you , especially if he is some that used to flood you with marathon of affection before.

3•  If he tries different new moves on the bed . You need no soothsayer to tell you that he is learning it from another girl .

4• If he makes sure that his car and apartment is way too clean than it used to be.

In order to impress the new girl , you can agree with me that he has to incorporate some habits into his life . So baby girl, you have to look out for those new habits .

5• Reaching him when he’s not with you becomes difficult.

To reach your boyfriend that you use to have access to 24/7 becomes an uphill task . He doesn’t pick up his phone calls or reply text messages immediately.

Just know he is with the other girl . And couldn’t let you ruin his good time .

6• If he doesn’t feel comfortable to text or answer phone calls in your presence.

Often times when you bump into a cheating boyfriend when he is answering a phone call, he tends to look all frightened and drops the call immediately.

How To Force The Truth Out Of A Cheating Boyfriend

No matter how smart your cheating boyfriend thinks he is,  there are strategic processes you can use and force the truth out of him . Even without knowing anything on how to track your boyfriend or girlfriend phone.

When your boyfriend starts displaying these attitude I mention earlier.

The most sustainable thing to do is simply confront him .

And you can do that stealthily and diplomatically.

Ideal ways to force the truth out of your boyfriend is :

1• Look for a time is just the both of you. Probably in his house or yours . Maybe you have just gave him a good treat , you cooked his favourite food or gave him sex in his favourite position.  Look him straight in the eyes and tell him ,you know he’s seeing someone else. Be very intentional about it .

Even if he tries to deny it . Stand your ground and still insist.

Make sure to list the shady behaviours he has

displayed of recent. By doing so, he is likely to tell you the truth.

2• Open a catfish account .

A certain lady named Peace,  suspected that his boyfriend was cheating.  She opened a catfish account on Facebook and encountered the shock of her life .

She became friends with him on Facebook with the catfish account. She asked about his girlfriend. The guy went on to narrate his escapades . He told her ,how he doesn’t even feel anything again for his girlfriend .

He bad mouthed her to herself, thinking he was being free with a beautiful girl online with nipple piercings and belly ring .

He bought her vibrators, phone , hair just to see her.

Whenever she sees something she likes online, she sends her the vendors account details and he pays .

And she has those items delivered to her friend’s house .

He became so comfortable with her, even sent her his nudes . Even talked about his sexual fantasies that are unimaginable.

But note that when they were together, he hardly buy her things . But look at the way he is spending on someone he barely knows.

Finally they agreed to hook up.

In a lovely big orchard , he had suggested a hotel . But she told him the orchard is quite a scenic scene. The trees are full of red apples and birds. Birds loves screeching as the can , and she finds that quite adorable.

And they finally settled for the orchard . Even on that same hook up day , he sent her money to buy whatever she needs .

When she showed up , her boyfriend almost had a heart attack. He felt like he has been run over by a freight train. Isn’t this the most thoughtful way to track your boyfriend or girlfriend phone.

3• Go through his things . This seems desperate and it is not quite good to invade in someone’s privacy. But he leaves you no choice . You have to be extremely careful when doing this . Because he might get really aggressive and throws marathon of tantrum.

Go through his phone and computer  . Even if you don’t have access to his phone password. You can still go through his other stuffs like , wallet, desk and even clothes. You never can tell , you might discover something.

Remember that this step on how to track your boyfriend by phone is quite helpful as it is detrimental.

How Would You React If You Catch A Cheating Boyfriend

I have a friend Jesse, who said that one time she walked in on her boyfriend having sex with another lady .

She felt like her heart wants to explode .

She cried for 8 hours non – stop and fell ill afterwards.

I also happened to have a friend who told me she cheated back when she caught her boyfriend in the act . Isn’t that fascinating?

Some people can be so petty , trust me .

I wouldn’t consider cheating back immediately.

One girl even said when she discovered that her boyfriend was cheating.

She stayed all night crying. She has never cried like that before.

She even has to take sleeping pills for months.

She had said it was her first heartbreak and she really loved the guy so much .

Even one lady I met on the bus said he stumbled on her boyfriend banging her mother.

She fainted on the spot .

Another pretty lady in my neighbourhood has told me that when he caught his boyfriend cheating.

The funny and disturbing thing was that he always acted like he was different from the other guys . Like a perfect gentleman.

He was actually caught red handed and did beg the lady to give him the chance to explain why he cheated .

The lady invited him over to her apartment .

Already the lady had also invited another guy before him . So when he came he saw the two of them . The lady asked him to excuse them .

And stayed with the new guy .

The next morning her boyfriend came back and asked if the new guy slept in her house .

She said yes and that she is  pregnant for the new guy.  Isn’t this method of handling a cheating boyfriend on how to track your boyfriend by phone number remarkable ?

Can You Forgive A Cheating Boyfriend?

No matter the amount of love and affection you have got for your cheating boyfriend.  I can boldly tell you that one of the thoughtful things you can do is finally losing attachment to someone that isn’t good for you.

And you have to be very intentional about it .

Put this resolution of yours into execution.

Avoid him , block him on all social media platforms.

When my friend Maria was struggling to leave her toxic relationship.  I made sure I counsel her and was constantly by herself.

Afterwards this was what she said to me.

Maria said “ I was drowning on mood swing and anxiety,  I closed my eyes ,and accepted the fact that I cannot feel alive again. Like a star bright , you came and offered your hand and all I could see was a light.  A light of freedom and hope . You lit up my gloomy world and helped me make the right decision “.

So my lovelies be like Maria,  and leave a cheating boyfriend once and for all . Never take a cheating boyfriend back .

This is one of the points you should be thankful for, on how to track your boyfriend by phone number.

The One App That Would Help You Catch A Cheating Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Introducing the high tech spy app named “Hands spy app “  .

Hands spy app is an intense spying app. It has sophisticated features that allows it to stealthily and secretly capture the information on the phones and computers of your unaware suspect which can be your boyfriend, girlfriend or any other person you wish to loot information from their device.

It captures data like calls , text messages and live locations.

Does this app select certain phones it can loot its information? Absolutely not, it works with all types of phones .

Hands spy app is just the one app that will track your suspect ,absorb all the needed data from your suspect and give you all the information you sole richly desire .

Hands spy app is quite reasonably priced . With details and height of functions it carries.  You can get it for $150 by simply clicking here.

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